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Loving Music for Spiritual People.
Here you will find hours and hours of gifted-artists doing what they do best. May you enjoy them as much as I do.

Spiritual Adviser / Intuitive

Hi, My name is Riki and I have been helping people through spiritually based phone sessions for
over 35 years.

Using the God-given gifts of empathy, clairsentience, clairaudience, and others (that I really don't have a box for) during my sessions I connect in a deep way that many have found comforting and clarifying.


Riki's Reviews

I have been the Chief Reviewer for the e-zine Mystic Living Today for around 8 years and I believe in bringing the message to others.

My reviewing style is like me, laid back and easy. I write these reviews from my heart and I hope that you get something out of them.

Gateways Energy Cards

This 5th Dimensional Concept of Energy Healing is a very simple idea that is as easy as breathing for many of us.




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